What we do

Company Mill Investments is a Capital Management company at the intersection of Real Estate and Technology. Company Mill Investments focuses on the acquisition, rebranding and repositioning of select mid-sized commercial offices and multi-family apartments for value-add and  increased cash flow generation. It leverages the latest Technology trends to find and analyze investment opportunities, improve the tenant experience, streamline its processes, reduce management inefficiencies with the purpose of maximizing returns for capital partners and increasing cashflow. At Company Mill, we focus on the acquisition of assets with strong value-add potential in fast growing emerging markets in the South East of the USA. We purchase assets that have been significantly underperforming. The rebranding and repositioning of these assets contributes to improve the place to live and to work for the members of our communities. By focusing on value-add properties and creating significant equity through forced appreciation we achieve our goal of maximizing returns. Moreover, by implementing, and overseeing operational and management strategies, we create predictable, maximized returns throughout the investment. We pride ourselves on our high standards of ethics and open communication with our investors, residents, managements and vendors.

Multi Family And Select Commercial Offices

Monthly Passive Cash Flow

Apartment units produce steady and consistent monthly passive cashflow. The higher the number of apartment units, the higher the cashflow via the economy of scale. As everyone needs a place to live, the addition of amenities creates additional cashflow. 

Asset Scalability

Apartments units are easier to scale than other real estate investments. The concentration of similar assets in the same vicinity reduces travel and maintenance cost. Economies of scale allow for explosive growth and lower the cost per unit compare to residential properties. 

Forced Appreciation

The appreciation of the asset can be forced through improved management that reduces expenses and increases the income. Income expansion can be achieved through rent increases to market levels following the repositioning and rebranding of the asset.

Tax Advantages

Apartment units make our communities better and as a result benefit from many tax incentives offered by the government. Cost segregation, asset depreciation and 1031 Exchanges are some of the tax vehicles available to Apartment unit investors.

Hedges Economic Volatility

Apartment Buildings allow owners to hedge potential vacancy levels. Furthermore certain classes of multi family assets such as Class B and C apartment communities continue to be in demand, especially in hard economic times. 

Better Financial Leverage

The cost of capital is currently very attractive for commercial apartment buildings, and there is diverse set of multifamily loan products to choose from. Various creative financial strategies are available to multi family investors.

Our Approach

We follow a 6 steps approach

Our Team and Contacts

Henri Meli is a founding member of Company Mill Investments, LLC a company dedicated to creating wealth for others so that my clients get consistent return on their investments. Henri’s professional background is in Computer Software Development, new technologies and technological innovations. Through a 15+ years career in Information Technology, Henri has held various leadership positions, accumulated over 15 software patents, publications and awards.

But, Henri became fascinated with the endless possibilities to generate consistent passive cashflow through real estate investments after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in 2000. Henri first steps into real estate investment started shortly thereafter. First, he purchased a small 2BR 1BA property located in Morrisville, NC. One year later, he purchased a second single family in Holly Springs, NC. Both investments cash flowed well and provided him with the conviction that he could build a strong portfolio of real estate investments that generated double digits returns. Henri continued to purchase cash flowing properties in NC. In 2016, Henri purchased an 18,000 square feet office building in Raleigh, NC. This represented his first step into commercial properties. Henri is very active in the real estate investment community and on biggerpockets.com.

Mr. Meli takes great personal pride in his ability to analyze potential opportunities from a fiscally responsible position and understand the varying business priorities that are important to investors today. Client service is at the foundation of Mr. Meli business, as such he remains diligent about his continued education in both the accounting and real estate investment fields.

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